Seed - The Climate Change App

Seed - The Climate Change App

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    Seed - The Climate Change App

    Seed - The Climate Change App



    Seed - The Climate Change App App 截图
    Seed - The Climate Change App App 截图
    Seed - The Climate Change App App 截图
    Seed - The Climate Change App App 截图


    Seed is designed to empower you to form a stronger bond with our only home and become an integral part of the global movement towards a life in balance with the planet.

    Countless decades of research and an increasingly unstable climate have made clear the scale of the emergency before us. After visiting the Millennium Seed Bank in the UK, which stores seeds from plants at risk of extinction, an idea to accelerate change and help people to work together lead to Seed. The climate crisis is the most important issue of our time, but we believe that a sustainable, balanced future is not only possible but unstoppable.

    Combat Climate Change

    Focus – Keep up to date with the latest news, tailored to what matters to you!

    Accelerate – Speed up the rate of change by learning about green innovations around the globe whilst supporting environmentally friendly businesses.

    Interact – Interact with nature in new ways and take care of your own piece of earth, offset your carbon footprint and discover inspiring stories from around the globe!

    Donate – Easily donate to environmental charities and organisations to assist them with their vital work, whether it’s for a Forest fire in the Americas or an oil spill in the Indian Ocean.

    Empower – Join other people who care about the future and help in the journey towards change.

    Take Control

    Seed helps you understand and fight the battle in smart ways. The most pressing issues are split into 6 Areas of Concern – Forests, Waste, Energy, Wildlife, Marine and General.

    Keep an eye on the health of our planet with Earthlink - Easily see where the most pressing issues and innovations are occurring across the globe and what regions are most in need of help. Spread the news, donate to environmental organisations and more! Collect points for a variety of in-app actions and compete against your friends and others.

    Stay at the forefront of change with Stream and scroll your way to a better connection with earth! See the latest news, events, green living tips, innovations, vegan and vegetarian recipes, deals and much more from around the globe and close to home!

    Future versions of Seed will include many more features to help you connect with nature and fight climate change. We are ONE global community and we want your help on making this app even better. Be the first to know and join others by signing up to the mailing list at

    The World is Yours - take care of it!