Tarantula Simulator 3D
Tarantula Simulator 3D
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Start your own wild adventure in this realistic micro world with Tarantula Simulator 3D! Show who is the best poisonous spider here! Seek for prey, find a mate, make a family, fight scorpions and other tarantula females and have fun! Run across the plains and forests, search prey – little insects like wasps, rhino bugs, ants, flies and even ordinary net-spinning spider – and fight against your rivals like large scorpions or other tarantulas! Be careful – predators like vipers, frogs and rats wanna make you part of their dinner! Of course, you can make them your dinner too! Don’t forget to make a family! Build lair and find male – but be careful, he’s cunning, crafty and would try to kill you after mating – so strike first without mercy! Protect your nest with eggs, raise up spiderlings and feel like a real bird-eating spider! Keep in mind your spider health, energy, water and food indicators to survive! Chase prey, you’re your poison to paralyze it and web glands to bind! Transport your victim to your lair to eat it slowly and calmly! Earn points to customize your tarantula and level up it characteristics! Check different kinds of tarantula - rose hair tarantula, purple tree tarantula, Mexican redknee tarantula, Brazilian salmon pink bird-eating tarantula, or even tarantula wolf spider! Enjoy the life of a real arthropod in Tarantula Simulator 3D! Tarantula Simulator 3D features: Ultimate tarantula spider simulator Chance to mate and raise up little spiderlings Huge wilderness full of dangerous predators Beautiful 3d graphics Check our Tarantula Simulator 3D – game for all the animals simulator lovers! Become a pretty wild insect — large Goliath birdeater spider! Explore woods, plains, and hills and enjoy the beautiful micro world around! “Tarantula Simulator 3D” has free caller ID feature. It identifies callers for you - even the ones not in your contact list. No more number guessing or avoiding unknown callers – caller ID prepares you for the call. If your local pizza vendor doesn’t pick up the phone when you’re calling, caller ID will suggest alternative nearby places. You can disable or adjust caller ID to your preferences in the app menu settings or after-call screen settings at any time. Privacy policy: https://roznicnhayasveta.wixsite.com/wonderanimals/single-post/2017/02/16/WONDER-ANIMALS-PRIVACY-POLICY
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